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Color Coded Templates

By Vigilize | Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - Leave a Comment

Color Coded Templates

infotex makes it easy to customize our templates to your organization.  One way we do this is to color code areas that will need your special attention.  Color coding is as follows:

  • RED: Areas needing customization and/or consideration.
  • BROWN: Optional sections according to our definition of best practices.These sections may be removed
    if they do not match your needs.
  • BLUE: Instructions or additional information
    for knowledge purposes and should be removed.
  • GREEN: Examples.

Note that you should confirm that all text has been changed to “black
before considering a template final for your organization.
If there are any sections in any other color than black,
then all situations or customization has not been considered.

Don’t forget, updates are free for three years and our boilerplates all come
with a 30 Day Guarantee!

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