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July 2023

Endpoint Detection and Response and You

In this webinar-video, Michael Hartke will discuss the advantages, considerations, pricing, and configuration concerns when adding Endpoint Detection and Response to your security posture. If you are using a traditional Anti-Virus/Malware solution, you’ll want to consider adding or replacing it with a comprehensive EDR/XDR/MDR solution for the most bang for your buck. Find out more at!
March 2023

R7: 2023’s Top Seven Technology Risks

What are the top seven risks your board should know about in 2023? Since 2006, we have been compiling a list of the “top seven risks small institutions are facing,” in preparation for his board presentations. This webinar-video will present the 2023 list in a manner that you can show to your board! Your auditors want you to start training your board, this movie will help them “see” what most small banks are “seeing” at the board level. More importantly, it will kick the year off in the right fashion, and ensure continued maintenance of your security culture. This is great webinar-video for ISO’s needing material to take into the board meeting!
May 2023

Four Basic Truths of System Security

The last thirty years have seen an evolution of frameworks, laws, and assessment approaches to information security which can intimidate the management team with their complexity. This webinar-video will discuss the four basic truths of system security regardless of frameworks or approach, and eight control systems to manage information security risk. If management understands these basics, as well as the eight control systems, it will be easier for the team to understand and navigate the many different frameworks and approaches out there today.
March 2022

Technology Planning 2022

The 2022 annual webinar update on technology planning includes a review of the previous years’ movies that are available, as well as alternative tactics that have arisen from recent conferences, forums, and industry experience.
January 2022

Considerations – Why you should choose infotex, Inc. as your next MSOC

There are many reasons to choose infotex, Inc. as your Managed Security Operations Center, but these are the major considerations you should… consider when looking at us.
October 2022

What to Expect from an infotex Incident Response Test

This presentation is intended for those who are planning to participate in an infotex incident response test. Please let us know what questions you have, when we have our Plan Walkthrough and Test Plan Approval meeting!
September 2022

What to Expect in an Annual Information Security Report to the Board

A webinar-movie. Information security ranks as a top risk to financial institutions, both in terms of likelihood and overall impact. It is important that boards receive annual comprehensive reporting from management about the information security risks and incidents, and the actions taken to address them. The Annual Information Security Report to the Board is management’s chance to inform the boards of these and other risks. In this webinar, we will be presenting our boilerplate Information Security Report to the Board. We will show why this report is needed, what the board needs to understand about it, and how to get the most out of it’s presentation.
June 2022

The Five Precepts of IT Vendor Management – VM Basics

We’re going back to basics on Vendor Management. This webinar will give you a training tool to help out that new person that is starting to take on the gargantuan task that is Vendor Management.

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