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Browse our growing collection of white papers, and boilerplates (templates) on Information Technology Governance, Information Security, IT Compliance, and the Information Security Industry.

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Boilerplate Templates

We are pleased to offer our IT Policy and Procedure templates to banks and organizations around the world. Our templates help you create excellent policy for security and governance purposes.

Small Financial Institution Quick Business Continuity Kit

A “kit” which includes a one page BCP policy, plan, test plan, and a Business Impact Analysis template. This “kit” is meant for smaller Financial Institutions to help set up a baseline Business Continuity Program.

Small Financial Institution Vendor Due Diligence Kit

A “kit” containing documents to help a small bank run proper due diligence on their vendors to ensure compliance across all of their critical systems that are ran by a third party.

Small Financial Institution Security Standards Kit

A “kit” containing documents to help a small bank be in compliance with security standards.

Small Financial Institution Incident Response Kit

A “kit” which includes a one page Incident Response Policy and a Simplified Plan, as well as a collection of informal documents such as a breach letter template as well as spreadsheets used to track incidents.

Remote Access Kit

For a more remote world, we have created this “kit” that includes a number of boilerplates to help you create a remote access program to manage the growing “work from home” model. The kit includes checklists, risk assessments, a remote user policy, and things to look out for when dealing with the “work from home” model.

Customer Awareness Kit

A collection of documents relating to commercial customer awareness, including product controls and identity theft.

Architecture, Infrastructure, and Operations Discovery Kit

The FFIEC AIO Guidance from 2021 changed a lot when it comes to cybersecurity. This kit includes all the information you need to get your institution into compliance and even includes a sample version of how infotex is dealing with the AIO.

Access Management Kit

A helpful “kit” of boilerplates and other resources that can be used as a starting point to create your own Access Management Program. The kit includes starting points for background check consent, data ownership, disposal of non-public information, new employee orientation, employee termination and visitor access documentation. In addition there are other resources and standards & guidelines.