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Network Access Control Tactics

If the strategy is zero trust, one of the tactics is Network Access Control.  This talk will introduce the concept, review a risk assessment on the subject, review how NAC fits into ZeroTrust and “acting as if we’re already in a breach,” and even queue up some initial tactics and vendor management concerns surrounding the implementation of Network Access Control.

How the Community Bank links into the Cyberkill Chain.

We have all seen the cyberkill chain, but who has taken the time to really understand it, and how it applies to community-based banks?  In this presentation, Dan will walk through the cyberkill chain and discuss controls that most community banks have, or should have, at each link in the chain.

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Our 50-75 minute seminars cover a wide range of cybersecurity topics, providing you with key insights and actionable strategies.

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8-Hour Workshops

Immerse yourself in our intensive 8-hour workshops, covering critical cybersecurity topics and customized to your financial institution. These workshops are also available through the Indiana Bankers Association periodically.

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