Tiny Banker Trojan

According to a post by CSIS Security Group A/S, they have uncovered a new trojan-banker family which they have named Tinba (Tiny Banker) alias “Zusy”. Tinba is a small data stealing trojan-banker. It hooks into browsers and steals login data and sniffs on network traffic. As several sophisticated banker-trojan it also uses Man in The Browser (MiTB) tricks and webinjects in order to change the look and feel of certain webpages with the purpose of circumventing Two factor Authentification (2FA) or tricking the infected user to give away additional sensitive data such as credit card data or TANs.

Portable Devices Configuration Standards

This document establishes all the technical security standards that must be met to properly enforce the modified Acceptable Use Policy and high-level IT governance policy as well as, of course, the Portable Devices Security Procedure.

Portable Devices Audit Checklist

Portable Devices Audit Checklist: This three-part checklist assists your technical team (or whomever is identified in your policy statement) in auditing both BYOD (authorized) devices and company-owned devices.  It includes an asset inventory as well as a checklist for smartphones, tablet pc’s, and laptops.  It makes an excellent mobile devices audit checklist! All templates are color-coded, […]

Color Coded Templates

All templates are color coded to make it easier for you to customize them to your organization.

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