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Tiny Banker Trojan

By Vigilize | Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - Leave a Comment

According to a post by CSIS Security Group A/S, they have uncovered a new trojan-banker family which they have named Tinba (Tiny Banker) alias “Zusy”.

Tinba is a small data stealing trojan-banker. It hooks into browsers and steals login data and sniffs on network traffic. As several sophisticated banker-trojan it also uses Man in The Browser (MiTB) tricks and webinjects in order to change the look and feel of certain webpages with the purpose of circumventing Two factor Authentication (2FA) or tricking the infected user to give away additional sensitive data such as credit card data or TANs.

CSIS explains more about this trojan-banker in their article titled Say Hello to Tinba: World’s Smallest Trojan-Banker.


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