Putting the Community in Banking

Security takes a Community

“We’re all in this together”

The latest edition of Executive Vice President, Michael Hartke’s article series!

At infotex we get to see behind the curtains a bit. We are entrusted with the cybersecurity of our Clients and, more often than I would like to see (NONE in a perfect world), we see and even stop active attacks. Sometimes those attacks are quite simple to defend i.e., patching / blocking, while others are much farther reaching and require a community.

Over the past couple of weeks, we were witness to that community coming together in a powerful reminder of one of the things that make Community Banks a community. Infotex is privileged to be part of a community of heroes that came together in a time of uncertainty.

We saw the sharing of information and working as one community to protect our customers. Information spread like wildfire via conventional and unconventional channels. Our community of cybersecurity heroes donned their firefighting equipment and went to work. It was inspiring to see everyone’s incident response programs, teams, and heroes in action.

A trusted partner and good friend, Jason Mikolanis with Virtual Innovation, ended one of our many meetings by reminding everyone that “we are all in this together.” I think that sums this community up very well and the mindset needed to band together against the ever-evolving attacks we ourselves and our customers face daily.

We have espoused the idea that a MSSP, especially those that are SIEM providers, should not be thought of as “just another vendor,” but rather a member of your team. We here at infotex do so for all of our Clients and this incident was just an example of that philosophy in action.

Here we are in October celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and I take this as a very timely and impactful reminder that “we are all in this together.”

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Original article by Michael Hartke. Executive Vice President, infotex

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