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P-7 The Top Seven Awareness Posters (by infotex)

By Vigilize | Sunday, February 1, 2015 - Leave a Comment

Four of them about passwords . . .

By view count, here are the top seven posters as of 02/01/2015!
Another one of those Dan’s New Leaf Posts, meant to inspire thought about IT Governance . . . .


Given what a hit the two posters we did this with for the IBA’s IT Security and Risk Management Conference last November were, we decided to run some reports to see what our most popular posters were, for the sake of blowing up a few more!

As everybody loves top ten lists and contests, we thought it might be interesting to share the results.

So the Top 7 Awareness Posters of All Time (at least at the infotex free awareness poster site):

  1. If You’re Going to Write Your Password Down!”  The number one poster surprises us because it is relatively new (about two years old.)  Look for a free 14×20 inch version of this poster at the next infotex event!
  2. “Loser?  Not if you use Screen Lock!”  That this one made number two is embarrassing as the Managing Partner didn’t think it would be very well received.  It’s not that much older than #1!
  3. “How Easy Is Your Password to Guess?”  This is the one we assumed would be #1 . . . . it’s modeled after Dan’s dog, so he thinks everybody likes it!
  4. “Pick up the Phone!”  Now this is the idea Dan had for a couple of years until he could finally find somebody, Chelsea Bill, to draw it!  Based on a real life event (where somebody was using e-mail to complain that e-mail wasn’t working.)  It should be #1!
  5. “I will use Strong Passwords!”  Those of you in schools might want to revisit this one!
  6. “Cloud Storage”   A “management awareness training” poster made it to the Top Seven!
  7. “Who’s Going Through Your Trash?”  And this one is very new.  You may recognize this as the poster that we announced four times in December.  (Sorry!)  It’s also one of our first posters geared towards customer awareness training, and it was also one of the two posters we have already enlarged for our event attendees!



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