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False Representations of FDIC-Owned Real Estate Properties for Sale

By Dan Hadaway | Thursday, November 5, 2009 - Leave a Comment

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is warning the general public and interested investors of false claims from various entities (individuals and companies) claiming to represent the FDIC in the sales of FDIC-owned properties.

These individuals and companies present a common theme. First, they claim to have “inside access” and, secondly, they attempt to charge fees or collect money up front from potential buyers of FDIC Owned Real Estate (ORE) properties with promises of steep discounts off appraised values. Information on ORE assets in the FDIC’s inventory is free to the general public. Any person approached by an individual or business entity with an offer requiring upfront fees and/or the disclosure of personal bank information should exercise extreme caution.

The FDIC has contracted with and authorized a number of asset management companies to market, sell, and maintain FDIC ORE properties. In representing the FDIC, they are not brokers or brokerage services firms. Rather, they are asset managers who contract with licensed real estate brokers and other vendors in the disposition FDIC-owned properties.

FDIC-owned properties currently being marketed for sale are available for FREE public viewing and access on the FDIC Web site at http://www2.fdic.gov/drrore/. The listing for each asset includes the assigned asset management company, local brokers, and contact information.


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