Layered Security Measures Reexamined

Layering your defenses does help, but it’s not a guarantee.

Although the results from the University of Michigan research in 2008 found that using multiple antivirus protection software resulted in better protection than a single program alone, recent analysis by NSS Labs shows that layering security devices rarely catches all attacks from malware and viruses.

This layering technique is best executed with two or three devices which, when compared to each other, have the least amount of overlap. However, even with these added layers of protection, researchers are still seeing attackers get though.

Researchers are urging companies to implement layered security, but not simply to stop attackers from breaking in. Companies need to also take that extra step to alert defenders and slow down the viruses once they are in the system network.

Original article by Robert Lemos.
Read the full story here.

One Response

  1. The article does not mention what I consider our last line of defense, the alertness of our staff. Unfortunately alertness does not come naturally to some.

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