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Infotex Endorses TRAC

By Dan Hadaway | Thursday, November 7, 2013 - One Comment

November 7th, 2013:

For the first time in the firm’s fourteen year history, infotex has selected a technology partner.  “Until now, we have taken great pride in our technology neutrality,” says Dan Hadaway, Managing Partner, “which we felt was essential in remaining independent.   However, we have been realizing for several years now that, the way one of my Clients puts it, “the days of Dan Hadaway’s spreadsheets are numbered.”

It was that sentiment that sent Infotex on a 14 month search and selection process that resulted in their selection of TRAC.  The selection process had whittled the field down to a short list as early as February 2013, but from there the infotex auditors and consultants were required to complete a rather detailed checklist on each of the finalists.

“I’m sure you can imagine a Dan-spreadsheet all beat up and too complex and messy with the above questions down the left and the seven providers across the top . . . .” says Hadaway with a chuckle.  “But in essence, TRAC is the most graceful answer to the question of ‘how do we get off of Dan Hadaway’s risk assessment spreadsheets?”

Learn why Infotex chose TRAC!!


One Response to “Infotex Endorses TRAC”

Comment from Al Fullerton
Time 11/20/2013 at 10:55 pm

Hey Dan, I think we should look at a TRAC demo in the near future so I can see if it would fit into our program.


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