infotex Now Supports EDR/XDR/MDR



Dateline: Dayton, IN, June 22, 2022

We are proud to announce that infotex will now be supporting Endpoint Detection and Response (XDR/MDR)! We can manage/monitor solutions you already have or offer one as part of our service while still maintaining a segregated response posture.

In recent years Working from Home has become more the norm and with that a lot of the risk involved has shifted to the endpoints our employees use to do their work.

“We are always super excited when we expand our services.” said Michael Hartke, Programming Coordinator. “Especially with the safety, monitoring, awareness, and protection that EDR/XDR/MDR platforms provide. This is another powerful weapon in our MSOC’s ability to provide a ‘good night’s sleep’ to our Clients.”

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions utilize deployed software agents that run on endpoint hosts, with the primary purpose of recording, analyzing, and reporting local user and system activity in order to have a leg up on any potential threat activity. This is different from other host-based security tools such as Anti-Virus (AV) as EDR runs behavioral analysis on chains of activity to determine if an action is warranted. This type of correlation expands to a multitude of attacker patterns, to include malware processes, insider threat behavior, data exfiltration events, as well as other defined activities and the ability to isolate affected endpoints while maintaining segregation of duties.

infotex will be able to receive logs from many EDR products including, but not limited to:

infotex is a Managed Security Operations Center and is a Preferred Service Provider of the Indiana Bankers Association.  infotex is based in central Indiana and works primarily with banks, credit unions, and schools.

For questions, please contact:

Bryan Bonnell
Digital Media Manager
[email protected]



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