Email Retention

A memorandum You’ve got work.A Reynolds | Hadaway article In an effort to keep our Clients informed about the latest regulations and ensure compliance with industry best practices, we have another new release.  Discover our memorandum on email retention, specifically tailored for community-based banks.  After much research, my team and I wrote this memorandum in […]

Zoom Security: No longer an Oxymoron

Lessons Learned from Zoom’s Rise… The only constant is change. An illustration of impermanence in information security. Zoom’s popularity is in a large part thanks to its ease of use and low cost. How can you go wrong with an application that is popular, cost effective, and easy to use? Good question, easy answer: security. […]

The Importance of the Segregation of Duties

Insider threats are real, one way to mitigate is segregation of duties. . . A short Reynolds | Hadaway article What’s the renewed concern about the insider threat? With the rise of advance persistent threats and the fact that hacker organizations and ransomware gangs are actively recruiting insiders, we feel it is a good idea […]