FREE infotex Webinar – Awareness in All Directions

FREE infotex Webinar – Awareness in All Directions August 23rd 2016 at 9AM EDT Back to the rest of Technology Risk Management, through IT Governance . . . . whether your most likely threat is cyber or non-technical pretext calling, no matter where the risk falls, the number one control that takes care of everything […]

CAT NIP – Drilling Down on the CAT Incident Response Statements Webinar Movie

So we’ve identified the dozens or so statements, in the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, that we aren’t proud of. And many of them are about incident response. This webinar will drill down on one of the more prevalent deficiencies with smaller banks: Testing Your Incident Response Plan Learn how to fulfill the loose guidance about incident […]

Incident Response in the World of CAT Domains Two, Three and Five Webinar Movie

Are you through your cybersecurity assessment first iteration and wondering what the heck you’re going to do about a handful of statements related to incident response? Join us for this free one hour webinar that helps connect the dots from what you’re already doing to what you need to do as it comes to baseline […]

The 2016 IT Governance Tour!

Workshops and Conferences in 2016 and 2017! Note:  all dates are tentative! Wanna know where infotex is going to be teaching this year? Scroll to the bottom for the latest, check out the top for movies of where we’ve already been!  Let us know which topics you would like to see! 02/10/16 @ 9AM – […]