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FREE infotex Webinar – Awareness in All Directions

By Michael Hartke | Monday, July 18, 2016 - Leave a Comment

FREE infotex Webinar – Awareness in All Directions

August 23rd 2016 at 9AM EDT


Back to the rest of Technology Risk Management, through IT Governance . . . . whether your most likely threat is cyber or non-technical pretext calling, no matter where the risk falls, the number one control that takes care of everything else is Awareness.  A three-sixty summary of Awareness in All Directions . . . Board awareness, so that the entire company stays on the same page. Management awareness, so you ensure appropriate control enforcement.  Technical awareness, so you learn mitigation controls to bring unacceptable inherent risk to acceptable (usually low) residual risk.  And, of course, User Awareness, so that all users of technology and information enforce user controls.  Dan will kickoff a four or five part series about the four corners of awareness in “Awareness in All Directions.”

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