Do Your Due Diligence!

Executive Summary Exhibit 1:  Company Profile Company History Company Address Ownership Representatives Security Team Bios, Certifications Legal or Ethical Matters Exhibit 2:  Information Security Considerations Affidavit of Operations and Controls Certificate of Insurance Affidavit of Background Screening Exhibit 3:  Client Control Considerations This document, similar to “user control considerations” from a typical SSAE-16 SOC2 report, […]

The User Level: Just Say “No” to HTML E-mail

As an employee, you must be forewarned about the use of HTML e-mail. There are several reasons why HTML e-mail is a bad practice. These include that HTML wastes bandwidth and computing resources, doesn’t always display properly, and can be mistakenly flagged as spam. But, the number one reason to avoid HTML e-mail is the security threat it poses to systems and data.