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The IT Governance Tour!

By Vigilize | Monday, December 19, 2016 - Leave a Comment

Webinars, Workshops, and Conferences in 2017!

Note: all dates are tentative and are in Eastern time zone (EDT/EST)!

Wanna know where infotex is going to be teaching this year? Scroll to the bottom for the latest, check out the top for movies of where we’ve already been! Let us know which topics you would like to see!

Last Topic: What to Look for in a SIEM- Recorded Webinar

Current Topic: Expected Controls:How to Review a SOC-1 or Two, Part Two! Register Today!   

Next Topic: You Asked For ItContract Review: A Drill-Down for Those Brave Enough Register Today!   

Full 2017 Schedule

08/15/17 @ 10AM – FREE Webinar –
Expected Controls:
How to Review a SOC-1 or Two, Part Two!

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While the AICPA has been busy updating the SSAE-16 to an SSAE-18, we’ve been busy figuring out how to review the deliverables, regardless of the specifics of the approach taken. And we have one problem with the whole process: how do you know the vendor has tested the controls you would expect. This webinar is a drill-down on “How to Review a SOC-1 or Two.”

08/23/17 -Workshop –
Cybersecurity Standards
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Make your technical team more confident in their role in IT governance. Provide them tools to improve your credit union’s cybersecurity posture, and more importantly, how they as technical team members plug into it. Learn how to document technical standards so you are prepared for examinations and audits.  Prepare documentation that can be easily updated, presented, tested, and enforced. Wow your examiners!

09/19/17 @ 10AM  – FREE Webinar –
You Asked For It
Contract Review: A Drill-Down for Those Brave Enough

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In June we delivered a webinar called “What Do We Tell Those Poor Vendor Owners,” which was about simplifying the vendor management guidance so that your vendor owners can understand the big picture of what needs to happen, and reduced a contract checklist to four basic promises. The movie for that webinar is now available. But after the webinar, we received several requests to “drill down on that contract checklist.” This is that drill down.

10/11/17  to 10/12/17  – Conference 
2017 Cybersecurity Conference
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Your Must-Attend Cyber Session of the Year!
Please join us as we explore the wiles of hackers and the schemes they use to attempt to defraud your bank and customers. Security experts will heighten your awareness of recent trends seen in the industry, as well as protective measures for information security. Industry experts will provide you with the tips and tools that will help you counteract security risks and manage your understanding of how the tool will impact you, your bank, and our banking community. Don’t miss the opportunity to network with other community bank Cybersecurity officers while learning from industry experts.

10/17/17 @ 10AM – FREE Webinar –
Technology Planning
Registration Coming Soon!

11/21/17 @ 10AM – FREE Webinar –
Vigilize This! – Incident Response Training for Incident Response Teams
Registration Coming Soon!
Are you trying to figure out the best way to train your Incident Response Team? This webinar, the basis for a future movie meant to train your incident response team, will provide that answer. Come alone, or invite your whole team if you can! Note that while the webinar and deliverables will be free, the movie, when available, will cost $59.95.

12/19/17 @ 10AM – FREE Webinar –
Top Seven Risks in 2018 (and M-7)
Registration Coming Soon!

01/23/17 @ 10AM – FREE Webinar –
From Yes/No to Maturity Scales – A New Audit Paradigm
Registration Coming Soon!
For years auditors and information security officers have been lamenting “the checklist audit” . . . . the yes/no approach to controls enforcement. Since 2010 Dan Hadaway has been calling for a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) approach to auditing, and was elated to see that the residual risk side of the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, published by the FFIEC in 2015, adopted the CMM. In this webinar, Dan will discuss the history of the CMM’s adoption, and introduce a methodology for carrying this into our risk assessing and auditing.

02/20/18 @ 10AM – FREE Webinar –
Asking Out of Wallet Questions – The Movie for All Bank Employees
Register Today!                                                                                                    One of the highest likelihood attacks we face as community-based banks is the pretext call. Resolving the issue is both difficult and time consuming. This webinar, which will be the basis of a movie meant for all users, will define the problem, the solution, and (for ISOs) how we can teach our employees to implement the solution. Note that while the webinar and deliverables will be free, the movie, when available, will cost $59.95.

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