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The FFIEC’s latest guidance: The Architecture, Infrastructure, and Operations, has brought many changes to exactly how a small financial institution may look at their Technology Planning for 2022. Included in that will be the opportunity to write your first Architecture Plan and we intend to show you what may be involved in that!

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There will be some reviewing of our past Technology Planning Webinars. If you wish to review what we talked about in those they are located on this page for your viewing pleasure.

2020 Technology Planning

[su_youtube url=”” width=”100%” title=”2020 Technology Planning”]

2019 Technology Planning

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”100%” title=”2018 Technology Planning”]

2018 Technology Planning

[su_youtube url=”” width=”100%” title=”2018 Technology Planning”]

2017 Technology Planning

[su_youtube url=”” width=”100%” title=”2017 Technology Planning”]




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