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Why The Polar Vortex Wasn’t So Bad After All!

By Vigilize | Monday, February 18, 2019 - Leave a Comment

Winter weather does its part to help catch a robber…

An article review.


This time of year the winter weather can get anyone feeling down, so when our friend Joe Cychosz sent us this humorous article we felt like we had to pass it along!

It seems that a bank robber in central Maine was captured last week with the help of mother nature: he made it out of the bank and across a four-lane highway, but slipped and fell on ice…directly in front of a state police officer and a number of other witnesses in a busy parking lot. While the passersby were distracted by the large amount of money thrown into the air as the robber fell, the police officer was not–and the robber was successfully apprehended.

We wouldn’t recommend not treating your sidewalks and parking lots as a defense against robbers, but after the winter we’ve had it’s nice to see the weather working for some of us for a change!

Original article by The Guardian.



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