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UCLA Cryptographer Develops New Approach to Software Security

By Vigilize | Friday, August 2, 2013 - Leave a Comment

With this new method in place, hackers will find it almost impossible to reverse-engineer software.

A professor of computer science at UCLA, Amit Sahai, has developed a way of encrypting software in a way that it can also run in that encrypted state. This breakthrough in cryptography, dubbed the “mathematical jigsaw puzzle” approach, has many possible applications and adds a whole new layer of protection to the world of cryptography.

One way in which this new approach is envisioned to improve security is by making it almost impossible for hackers to reverse-engineer software. Sahai describes how any software like his “multilinear jigsaw puzzle” will only return nonsensical information to a hacker attempting to reverse-engineer it. While previous layers of protection have only strived to slow down criminals, this new approach results in software that would take any hacker hundreds of years to decipher.

Original article by Christopher Mims.
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