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‘Tricked’ RSA Worker Opened Backdoor to APT Attack

By Vigilize | Friday, April 8, 2011 - Leave a Comment

According to an article posted by govinfosecurity.com, a well-crafted e-mail with the subject line “2011 Recruitment Plan” tricked an RSA employee to retrieve from a junk-mail folder and open a message containing a virus that led to a sophisticated attack on the company’s information systems, a top technologist at the security vendor says in a blog.

An Excel spreadsheet attached to the e-mail contained a zero-day exploit that led to the installation of a backdoor virus, exploiting an Adobe Flash vulnerability, which Adobe has since patched, writes Uri Rivner, head of new technologies, identity protection and verification at RSA, in a blog posted Friday.

Read the complete article posted by govinfosecurity.com:     ‘Tricked’ RSA Worker Opened Backdoor to APT Attack

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