The New Leaf Getting Old

Okay, some of you noticed I did not live up to Dan’s New Leaf–to post a blog comment at least once per week–last week.  My only excuse:  I was preparing for our examination.

Need I say more?

The one thing I find myself telling clients about Social Media is this:  “Before you pull the trigger, be sure you have one person dedicated to maintaining each site.  It takes on a life of its own.”

Is it good to be on social media?  I don’t know yet.  I have been tracking the time it takes to keep up with just our two twitter accounts, our LinkedIn and Facebook page, and our blog posts like our vulnerability news and this Dan’s New Leaf blog.  Given that we must track every six minutes of our time to get paid at Infotex, that wasn’t hard to do.  I thought that maybe sharing this information with you would be helpful to you.

Altogether, I average 58 minutes per day maintaining our social media sites.  This breaks down to 16 minutes per day on Twitter, 12 minutes per day on LinkedIn and Facebook (most of which was setting up the pages, it’s much less than that to moderate comments.)  30 minutes per day is what we’re averaging on the blog.

I like the balance in terms of priority.  I believe our blog provides the most value.  So the fact that we spend more than half our time maintaining the blog makes sense.

Still, I question whether 350 hours per year is worth it.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re staying on the social media objectives whether they deliver a return or not in terms of value to our clients, primarily because we want to be sure we understand the medium enough to help our clients mitigate risk.

I don’t recall people mentioning our Facebook site as they sign our engagement letters.  Yet, at least our clients know we’re trying to learn the systems they are finding themselves trying to protect.

Enough on social media.

Since today is the fourth day of the examination I have very little to report but lots of time on my hands.  So I figured I’d just give a rundown on our team.

First and foremost, Chad Smith is stepping up to the plate as NOC Manager.  He assumed the new role on July 1st, and has already developed a Key Performance Indicator that we’re using to improve upon the quality and consistency of our daily reports.  If you get a chance to give him a congrats I’d really appreciate it!

Danny Osborn is trucking along on the LogMon Compliance system, which is the next generation of our log monitoring managed service.  Yes, those of you who are waiting for the proof-of-concept in September:  we ARE on schedule!

Sean Waugh grew a beard.

Michael Hartke is moving our blog along to the next phase, what we call “Authentication.”  I’m hoping that I can sneak the deadline up on this from “fourth quarter” to “Halloween.”  Let’s see if Michael reads my blog posts!

Bryan and Jessie and Scott . . . . . they work in the wee hours . . . . I’m not sure what they’re doing now.    Maybe they’re checking out our twitter tweets?

I guess that brings me back to the beginning.  What I’m doing is killing time by living up to a new leaf I now wonder if I should have turned over.  I write this because even now, when I have this extra time, it is difficult for me to decide what to write about.

Could it be that the biggest risk in social media is that we run out of things to say?

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Dan Hadaway, CISA, CISM, CRISC

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