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The Human Factor

By Vigilize | Friday, September 8, 2017 - Leave a Comment

A new study reveals half of the employers think their biggest risk comes from the inside.

An article review.

ServIcons_ITAudit_01When considering threats that your network may face, how often do you consider the people who work for you? A new study from Kaspersky shows more than half of businesses see their employees as their biggest security threat, naming employee-related incidents in three out of their top five vulnerabilities.

While the classic idea of employee risk involves a disgruntled ex-employee who still has network credentials or other intentional actions, many of the worries expressed by study participants involved simple mistakes and accidents such as losing a company owned device or opening a phishing email.

Compounding the accidental risk employees pose is the tendency for employees to withhold information about incidents, according to the study. Employees may not disclose incidents for a number of reasons, from fear of reprimand to simply not knowing an incident has happened at all.

While not every human risk can be eliminated, the authors of the report suggest creating an atmosphere of awareness can help reduce incidents, by encouraging employees to report suspicious emails and any unusual activity they notice on their workstations or around sensitive equipment.

Original article by Kaspersky.



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