The FFIEC’s Technology Education Requirements

Mark your calendars! Dan Hadaway will be delivering a workshop with the Indiana Bankers Association to review FFIEC statements involving technology training.
The workshop will be on June 6th starting at 9:00 AM and ending at 4:00 PM.

For information on how to register, visit the IBA’s website.

The FFIEC’s Technology Education Requirements

In just the last two years the FFIEC has released at least three guidance’s that include certain education requirements. Of course, the official names of these guidance’s vary depending upon your federal regulator, but most people recognize the following names of these guidance’s: The Supplement, the Statement on Cloud Computing, and the recent Bulletin on Social Media.

Meanwhile, handbooks long established on the FFIEC website ( call for various training objectives to be met. This workshop will review all FFIEC statements related to technology training, and help attendees develop a risk-based approach towards deciding exactly how to comply in the areas of:

  • Board of Directors Education
  • Customer Education
  • Management Training
  • User Awareness Training and Comprehension Exercises
  • Training for Technical Staff
  • Vendor Guidelines
  • Awareness Activation

Because IT Governance is a team effort, awareness is the most important control. Though this workshop is focused on risk-based compliance decisions, the tools and ideas revealed will help your bank mitigate technology risk as well as compliance risk.

Seminar Topics

  • The Targeted Audiences for Technology Compliance Training
  • What the FFIEC actually says for each target audience
  • Deciding What To Do (or . . . . How to integrate training into your risk management program.)
  • Strategy, Tactics, and Planning
  • The Supplement: Customer Education as a Critical Control
  • Social Media: Regulating Behavior in the Public
  • Social Media: Compliance Concerns
  • Vendor Management: Training your vendors as well as your vendor owners
  • The Statement on Cloud Computing
  • Awareness Goals: Education, Motivation, Activation
  • Delivery: the layered approach to training
  • What other banks are doing


  • Customer Education Kit
  • Social Media Kit
  • Comprehension Exercises, Posters, Puzzles, Games, etc.
  • Boilerplates and templates to create your own program

Consider Sending More Than One Person!
Technology Compliance Training works best when a programmatic approach is developed through an organic, multi-disciplinary process. The best program is the one designed by a team including technology, compliance, security, and branch personnel. This workshop comes with deliverables that can be customized to your bank’s needs.

IBA Center for Professional Development
6925 Parkdale Place
Indianapolis, IN 46254

For more information on how to register and to get a look at the schedule, visit the IBA’s website.

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