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The Customer Awareness Control

By Dan Hadaway | Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - Leave a Comment

Infotex has released a White Paper in response to the customer awareness training requirements of the June 28th Supplement to the 2005 Authentication Guidance released by the FFIEC.   The goal was to pull everything we know about customer awareness training into one place.  This resulted in an 11 page PDF which we recommend you distribute to your steering committee, possibly your entire management team.

The white paper was originally written for a client, who granted us permission to make it available to all our friends and clients.

Download it by clicking here.

A related “re-brandable flyer” for the sake of Smart Phone awareness training can be accessed here.  It is a Microsoft Word document, and you are welcome to use it as you wish.  We strongly suggest you send it to your Facebook content providers and ask them to paste some of the words of wisdom on your Facebook page.  If you’d like some language your marketing people can understand, tell them you want to use “drip marketing approaches” to customer awareness!

Finally, we would like to thank Gary Kern and John Mickle of MutualBank for granting permission to release this white paper to the collective.



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