The Changing Face of Banking

An article review.

Millennial’s Habits are Steering the Future of Banking


While this isn’t a shock to any of us, banking as we know it is changing. It’s changing as technology changes. It’s changing as consumers change.

Millennials are defined as those who are born between 1980 and 1994. This group now outnumbers Baby Boomers. They also represent a growing socioeconomic force. So what’s so different about Millennials?

  • Most Millennials already use or are open to using “non-traditional” payment methods.
  • Their use of mobile-based point of sale solutions, like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, is expected to gain significant momentum in coming years.
  • They are the most likely group to utilize peer-to-peer lending solutions.
  • The vast majority of Millennials, as high as 80%, engage in some form of digital or online banking.
  • Millennials still prefer bank websites over mobile banking applications.

Simply, if you want to have a better understanding of where the future is going, try to figure out the millennials!

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Original article by Jim Marous of The Financial Brand.


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