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We work hard to hire ethical, creative people who strive for excellence. Then we work even harder to keep them! The following profiles are for the more active staff members and associates.

Note: Not all associates are listed on this site. If you are interested in a particular certification, please ask.

Certified Information Security Specialists

Dan Hadaway, CISA, CISM, CRISC
Managing Partner

Prior to founding infotex in 2000 to serve community banks, Dan Hadaway led software development projects, e-commerce application development, and many network installation projects. His first experience in IT governance came in 1984 when a company he co-owned decided to design an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. He wrote his first Acceptable Use Policy in 1986, and after responding to his first major Information Security Incident in 1988, he conducted his first Information Technology risk assessment in 1989. He now works extensively with banks from 26 million to 14 billion on projects ranging from IT Audits to Incident Response to Policy Development. His primary strength is the use of risk management fundamentals to help banks determine where they need to be on the compliance spectrum. Dan speaks regularly at various conferences, workshops, and webinars. He has delivered talks for the Community Bankers Association of Illinois, the Indiana Bankers Association, and the Community Bankers Association of Ohio. He has presented for various user group meetings including the Jack Henry User Group, EPCOR, the Indiana CPA Society, etc. His topics range in scope from BYOD to Authentication to Vendor Management. People who have seen Dan speak will say that he has the ability to help non-technical people understand technical issues. For topics he has delivered, check out this page. Though incomplete, it will illustrate Dan’s typical content.

Mr. Hadaway facilitates the annual Indiana Bankers Association Cybersecurity Conference. He has been the facilitator of this conference since 2008, which grew in size from about 40 in 2008 to approximately over 120 attendees in 2018. Following the lead of the Education Director at the IBA, Dan worked closely with her and helped develop content, find and coach the speakers and panelists, drum up attendance, and moderate the actual event.

Dan is involved in many different incident responses as he sits on several bank Incident Response Teams, teaches Incident Response in several bank associations, and has been running a managed services company for years. He leads a team of digital forensics specialists that can help you when in the worst of situations.
Many of our Clients can attest to Dan’s excellent speaking capabilities. He has the ability to explain technical issues to non-technical professionals. He is the “awareness guru from Indiana,” and has been maintaining that “Awareness is 9/11’s of the Battle” for many years now.

Dan also writes regularly (primarily on his blog.) He has been published in Bank Notes, Hoosier Banker, the Ohio Record, the ABA’s Compliance Magazine, and several other trade magazines and websites. Dan also helped write the original CRISC manual for ISACA.

Dan and his wife, Stacey, live in Lafayette Indiana, where Dan writes music and enjoys watching the careers of his two daughters, Dani and Jacki. A lover of music and philosophy, and an innovator in IT Governance, Dan always achieves very high ratings in his talks, seminars, and workshops.

Sean Waugh, CISSP, MCSA
Information Security Officer / Lead Technical Auditor
Sean hails from Cincinnati, OH and holds a B.S. in Telecommunications and Networking Technology from Purdue University. He came to infotex as a NOC Associate in 2005 and has seen the evolution of our managed services through three leaders prior to becoming the defacto leader himself. In 2007 he was promoted to Customer Service Manager and became the lead technical liaison with all clients.

In 2012 he was promoted to Information Security Officer and continues to manage the technical staff. Sean is also our Lead Technical Auditor for Technical Vulnerability Assessments, Network Configuration Audits (a process he developed), and Information Technology Audits.

Chad Smith, CISSP
Data Security Analyst / NOC Manager
Chad started his career in 2001 building a foundation in the service and support sector. With his experience in networking and network security, Chad advanced into a career of Information Security. As the NOC Manager, he has stabilized communication with clients. He brings to infotex a thorough understanding that staying at the forefront of an ever-changing industry is what drives success not only for our team, but also for our clients. He is currently pursuing CompTIA and (ISC)2 certifications. He is also working towards the GIAC data security analyst certifications.

As Daytime Data Security Analyst, Chad is pretty busy just clearing alerts and following up on client inquiries. Beyond that, he is responsible for testing the network backup procedure, auditing sensors, and reporting on the integrity of daily reports.

Michael Hartke
Programming Coordinator / Analyst
Michael Hartke joined our team in 2008. He is a driven and ethical professional, always striving to increase efficiency and further develop his security analyst skills. Michael is also an Internet application/website developer with a broad range of IT based skill sets, with notable success directing corporate IT initiatives while participating in planning and implementation of information solutions in direct support of business objectives.

He has outstanding leadership abilities and is able to coordinate and direct all phases of project-based efforts while managing, motivating, and leading project members.

Stacey Hadaway
Business Manager
During the early 1990s, Stacey was the Accounting Department Coordinator for a medium sized business (200 employees), and since then she has owned her own company (small music store in West Lafayette) and worked for two banks as a teller. Stacey joined the infotex team in 2010 as Accounting Manager. In 2012, when three of the original four owners of infotex wanted to sell the company to a third party, Stacey stepped in and arranged the financing for her and Dan, her husband, to purchase the company. She then focused on our profitability and stability. Our company is “stable” thanks to Stacey’s leadership!

Since then, we have changed her role to Business Manager, as she handles all financial matters for infotex, including accounting and bookkeeping, as well as Human Resources and Benefits Administration. In addition, Stacey performs pretext calling for our clients.

Bryan Bonnell
Senior NOC Associate
Bryan joined the infotex team in the Summer of 2009 as a weekend NOC Associate. Through showing his strong work ethic and willingness to try new things, Bryan has come from a mere two shifts a week to a full five shifts a week. He rose to the rank of Senior NOC Associate in the Summer of 2013. Bryan handles a lot of the internal auditing of our Daily Reports and the creation of Quarterly IDS Reports for clients.

Bryan is a newlywed and is living with his wife, Emily. They just purchased their first home in Lafayette, Indiana. He enjoys movies, gaming and taking care of his elderly dog Patchy in his free time.

Ryan Hensler
Senior NOC Associate
Ryan came to infotex in 2011 after graduating with a dual major B.A. from Ball State University. He started with us as a weekend NOC Associate, where his technical skill set and more began to shine.

Ryan’s first technical experience came in high school when he worked through his summer breaks helping his high school’s IT department. Once he moved on to college, he started his own successful media production company. His strong work ethic, entrepreneurial drive, and creative vision has led Ryan to thrive at infotex. Here he has continued to build on his background in networking, programming, and marketing.

He currently works as a Senior NOC Associate and also supports the company’s marketing and sales efforts. Ryan is the current author of many of the Vigilize posts on the infotex blog. Ryan lives with his wife, Lori, and daughter, Savannah, in Kokomo, Indiana. In his limited spare time, he enjoys storm chasing, amateur radio, and playing the piano.

Adam Reynolds, Network +, CompTIA Security+ certification
Data Security Analyst
Adam joined the team in 2012, primarily working the night and weekend shifts. As he has gained experience in the company, he has started contributing to SOC reviews and is currently training in physical security auditing. He currently holds the CompTIA Network+ certification and is working towards Security+. Adam lives in Dayton, OH with his cat, Joseph. He enjoys spending time outdoors, table top gaming, and horticulture to name a few things.

Matt Jolley
Data Security Analyst

Matt joined infotex in 2015 as a NOC Associate and works 3rd shift primarily, taking advantage of the quieter overnight periods by writing articles for the company website and keeping up on emerging threats. Matt has been “Vigilize” . . . . our primary article reviewer . . . . since January 2016.  Writing about technology is nothing new for Matt: he started his career as a freelance contributor to Maximum PC magazine at the age of 14.

Matt, recently published his first article in the banking industry, for the Ohio Record summer edition!

Matt lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where he grew up and enjoys spending long nights in front of the PC, photography and hunting for interesting consumer electronics at local thrift stores.

Sofia Puga Tafoya
Marketing Coordinator 

Sofia joined infotex in 2017 as a Marketing Coordinator to assist with web design, marketing materials and other sales and marketing duties. She currently produces all the artwork for infotex. As an example, Sofia creates our Awareness Posters.

Sofia received her BA from Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPUI) in Indianapolis in computer graphics. Before joining infotex, Sofia worked for Andy Harmon Insurance.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family.

Chris Dietrich 
Data Security Analyst

Chris joined infotex in 2017 as a NOC associate.

Chris moved to Indianapolis from Greensburg, IN. He received associate degrees from Ivy Tech in Columbus in Information Technology, Software Development, and is currently continuing his education as a part-time student. He has worked in various enterprise roles, most recently as a Security Analyst.
Chris’s hobbies include movies, reading, songwriting and sound production.

Kate Odynetc
Illustrator (Marketing Assistant)

Kate Odynetc is from Tula, Russia. She graduated from Tula State University with a BA in Printing. She worked in Advertising for 4 years, and for 3 years as a Digital Marketing Consultant. After moving to Prague, Czech Republic she realized that she wanted to work as an illustrator. Kate is a new illustrator but likes to create characters and enjoys her new work and its results.

Kate is currently collaborating in the production of some of the artwork for infotex.

Matthew Jonkman, CISSP
Senior Security Consultant
Matthew Jonkman came to us as part of our acquisition of Paradigm Shift Security in January 2003. Prior to then, he was an associate Security Engineer, so we’ve actually been working with Matt since late 2000.

Matt was our CTO from 2003 through 2006. He still works with us as an associate.

Matt has been involved in Information Technology since the late-1980s. He has a strong background in banking and network security, network engineering, incident response, and Intrusion Detection. Matt led our team in the development of our managed services as well as the creation of bleeding snort. He now maintains the third generation of bleeding snort, emergingthreats.net. Matt spent 5 years serving abroad in the Army as an Air Traffic Control Radar and Communications Systems Engineer before attending Indiana State University and the Rose-Hulman Institute. After several years as a general consultant he became Lead Technician for Sprint’s Internal and Managed Security division, overseeing the implementation of all Sprint Internal and Managed Security Devices. Matt then moved to the financial sector as Senior Security Engineer for a major Midwestern bank and financial services corporation. Matt is helping our firm offer a full range of general and security specific consulting services and Security Assessments to the entire country, as well as Managed Intrusion Detection, Secure Email, and Managed Firewall Services.

Joe Cychosz, BSEE, MSE
Consultant / Associate / Thinker’s Lunch
Joe began his career twenty years ago as a Systems Analyst for Control Data Corporation where he was responsible for clients including Bendix, Caterpillar, Indiana State University, Fermilab, Aeritalia, Purdue University, and various government locations. He later established a computer consulting firm which provides systems integration and product development for small companies. Joe has over fifteen years of experience in product development and integration of UNIX-based systems. Joe was Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering and a research staff member at Purdue University’s Computer Aided Design and Graphics Lab and the Center for Collaborative Manufacturing. He has been the manager of the lab’s infrastructure since 1986 and has participated in state-of-the-art computer graphics research projects since 1981. He has published several articles on computer graphics and has authored contributions in the Graphics Gems (italic for Graphics Gems) series.

As a consultant, he was co-architect and developer of a Hierarchal Storage Management (HSM) system capable of storing several terabytes of data with complete autonomous operation. Joe also has developed production management data base systems for the entertainment industry. He is co-founder of WorldServer, a web-hosting services and data base solutions company, and is CTO of 1mart Corporation, a provider of e-commerce solutions. Joe Cychosz has a BSEE from the University of Illinois and a MSE from Purdue University. He is a member of SIGGRAPH and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

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