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Survey Shows Workers Intentionally Ignore Policy When It Comes To Cloud Services

By Vigilize | Thursday, September 19, 2013 - Leave a Comment

Six IT experts share their ideas on preventing intentional cloud usage by employees.

A new survey from uSamp shows that 41% of workers used an unauthorized cloud service to store company documents in the last six months. Worse than that, 87% of those workers were well aware that their company had policies in place forbidding such practices.

Mark Fidelman has attempted to answer the question of why this is happening. How can companies convince employees to follow policy and stop the usage of unsafe cloud storage and unsecure mobil devices? He has asked six IT experts for their take on the matter.

Marty Hodgett, CIO of Symantec, Bob Egan of Forbes, Michael Krigsman of the Wall Street Journal and ZDNet, Benjamin Robbins, a Principle at Palador and Contributor at the Guardian, Nick McQuire, CEO at The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA), Christian Buckley, Director, Product Evangelism at Metalogix Software all gave their opinions as to how companies can strengthen their policies and strengthen that connection between employees and CIO.

Original article by Mark Fidelman.
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