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Sean Waugh To Present at IT Security Conference

By Vigilize | Friday, September 27, 2013 - Leave a Comment

An MSSP’s insight on network monitoring tools.

Infotex’s very own Sean Waugh will be presenting at this year’s IT Security and Risk Management Conference. Sean’s talk will focus on network monitoring tools and how your company can design a plan of action to prevent network security breaches, ensure detection of any possible intrusions, and stay vigilant in monitoring event logs.

“What should we be doing to monitor our network, beyond what we’re outsourcing to managed service providers like SecureWorks, Trustwave, or Infotex? What tools should we have in our arsenal? What open source tools are worth the time and what other utilities and monitoring applications are worth the money? Sean Waugh CISSP, lead technical auditor of Infotex, will help us create an action plan we can implement when we return to the bank that will supplement our intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, and event log monitoring systems.”

Check out the 2013 IT Security and Risk Management Conference flyer for more information!

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