Risk of New Leaves

Well, here it is a week later already and I haven’t posted. Is this the risk we face in our use of Web 2.0 . . .


Or . . .  that we will look bad in at least trying to use it? Take that reputational hit?

Okay, my spell checker-thing is telling me that “reputational” isn’t a word.

In the nineties, we began wrestling with the e-mail inbox.  In the early 2000’s, we started pulling off the road to initiate a cell call (well, we should have).  In the mid-2000’s we began the battle to keep up with the onslaught of incoming text messages.

Now . . .  we feed the social media machine!

So here I am, needing to post something that is not a typical article, and that does not expose infotex to a whole bunch of risk because it has misspelled words in it.    Ahhhhh!!!!

I tried to do my dutiful Vigilize thing on Twitter, and right when I went to tweet, Twitter once again overloaded.  How can you feed the machine if it is eating too much?

If I wasn’t so impatient, I would have waited to do a Twitter search on the words “Twitter Crash”. But I didn’t.

Does this make generation Y more patient than Generation X or, in my case – the Baby Boomer Generation? Does Generation Y wait to tweet?

. . .  or do they?

Hey Twitter, better wake up!!!

Web 2.0 turns us ISO’s into nay-sayers. We tip-toe through the tulips of potential reputational ruin.

Who says reputational isn’t a word?

The Internet (and especially Web 2.0) made reputational a word!!!

Oh, did I say you’d get some value by reading this diatribe?  Well here is a history of my vigilize posts!  You can bookmark it, or you can just pull down to it in the “jump to category” feature on the left side navigation.

Posted by Dan Hadaway, CISA, CISM
Managing Partner

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