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Project Indigo: Blurring The Lines Between Government and Private Sector Cybersecurity

By Vigilize | Sunday, May 27, 2018 - Leave a Comment

US Cyber Command joins with the FS-ISAC to share threat intelligence…

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Threat intelligence sharing is a concept we’re all probably familiar with, at least in passing–it’s hard to imagine where we’d be without the efforts of organizations that work to identify and communicate new and developing threats! However, until relatively recently those efforts largely remained between private companies, or between government agencies, but rarely both. That’s changed with the announcement of a new pilot program, submitted to us by our friend Joe Cychosz, which hopes to combine the efforts of two existing organizations to help disseminate information.

The program, called Project Indigo, is designed to share information between US Cyber Command and a newly created unit of the FS-ISAC: the Financial Systemic Analysis & Resilience Center, or FSARC. FSARC was created specifically to share data from the FS-ISAC which has been filtered and redacted to remove any personal or confidential information, as the main FS-ISAC feed sometimes does.

While the ultimate effectiveness of this new initiative has yet to be seen, this new cooperation between the public and private sector shows that officials recognize the trend toward more open sharing of threat intelligence–while acknowledging the risks in how that information is used, as the redacted feed used by FSARC shows. Given the wide variety of organizations who may be interested in a financial organization’s data and the continuously evolving ways they can use to get it, you can expect to see more partnerships like this in the future.

Original article by Chris Bing, writing for CyberScoop.



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