When it comes to Security Incidents, Phishing is Still King

While malware and security exploits continue to make headlines, the majority of reported security incidents involve phishing…

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With all the attention given recently to security incidents involving software exploits and high-profile malware attacks, it would be easy to believe that they represented the most likely incidents you may encounter in the wild.  According to a new list of cybersecurity related statistics, however, the majority of reported incidents involve a different kind of threat.

According to research conducted by Verizon the most reported attack is phishing, making up more than 80 percent of all incidents.  Additionally, in cases where malware is involved the delivery mechanism was an email message over 90 percent of the time.

Statistics like that only goes to show that while the latest major software vulnerability or file-encrypting malware may make headlines, employee awareness of the risks posed by phishing emails and message attachments can go a long way toward avoiding a security incident.

Original article by Josh Fruhlinger, writing for CSO Online.



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