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Here are the top seven posters as of the last twelve months!

As always, our Awareness Posters were a hit in 2022! So we decided to run some reports to see what our most popular posters were since November 2021.

As everybody loves top ten lists and contests, we thought it might be interesting to share the results.

So, here are the Top 7 Awareness Posters of 2021/2022  (at least on the infotex free awareness poster site):

  1. Are We Checking Them Twice?” Our holiday poster for 2021 featuring the Big Man in a Red Suit asking… we have all these checklists… are we using them properly?
  2. Public Wi-Fi Safety” Sitting on a park bench, eyeing Hacker Guys with bad intent… This awareness poster gives advice how to protect your data and privacy while using Public Wi-Fi
  3. Strong Cybersecurity Culture”  Teamwork makes the dream work! This awareness poster provides tips on how to make your company’s culture take the basics of cybersecurity to heart and keep you all safe.
  4. Trash”  Our May awareness poster expounds the importance of how we deal with our trash. Dumpster diving, and other nefarious activities, can lead to identity theft and other social engineering attacks.
  5. Puzzled by Password Security?” Featuring everyone’s favorite puzzle game, the Rubik’s Cube, this simple awareness poster went over some of the basic do’s and don’ts for password security.
  6. Canaries in a Coal Mine” “We checkin’ them birds?” Dan has asked this for many years about keeping an eye out for indicators of compromise and other signs that there may be an issue. This awareness poster gives some examples.
  7. Phishing Safety”  And, rounding out our Top Seven, this toothy awareness poster shows us eight tips on how to protect ourselves from phishing attempts.

Let’s all give a round of applause for our Graphic Illustrator Sofia Tafoya for all of the hard work making all of these posters throughout the year!

Thanks Sofia!



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