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New iPhone Bug Presents “Siri”ous Security Risk

By Vigilize | Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - Leave a Comment

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For those of you with Siri still enabled on the lockscreen of your iPhone, time to shut her off.

Israeli security researcher Dany Lisiansky has discovered a new bug in Apple’s iOS 7 which allows anyone access to the iPhone whether it is locked or not. The bug involves the use of Siri on the lockscreen to place a phone call. Once the call is active, the user then enables FaceTime then clicks the Sleep button on the app, allowing the iPhone to then be unlocked without entering a passcode or using the fingerprint reader.
Enabling Siri on the lockscreen of a phone presents a major security risk. Anyone who picks up the phone could potentially access personal information, contacts’ information, post to social media sites, send emails, send text messages, or access the user’s calendar. Luckily the solution to this particular problem is simple: disable Siri on the lockscreen.

Original article by Andy Greenberg.
Read the full story here.

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