Multiven Accuses Competitor Cisco of Data Theft

Cisco denies all accusations of theft brought forth by Multiven CEO Alfred-Adekeye.

Multiven and Cisco are at it again. This time Cisco is being accused of what competitor Multiven is calling a “severely harmful” breach of security involving the theft of thousands of proprietary data files. Complaints have been filed by Multiven against Cisco in the U.S. and Switzerland. Multiven CEO Peter Alfred-Adekeye is accusing the competitor company of breaking into Multiven’s knowledge base and stealing copyrighted data on as many as four separate occasions in 2009 and 2010.

Cisco insists that these accusations are false and the only access it has had to Multiven is through the content on its publicly available website. Cisco was also quick to note that Alfred-Adekeye is currently under indictment for, among other things, stealing Cisco software.

Multiven points to its firewall logs as evidence of Cisco’s transgressions. After being blocked by the company’s cybersecurity team, Multiven continued to track repeated breach attempts by the same IP addresses. The IP addresses were discovered to originate from Cisco’s San Jose, California headquarters, says Alfred-Adekeye. Evidence shows customer and password data remained untouched by this alleged invasion by Cisco.

This is just a new chapter in a long story with these two companies suing and countersuing one another.

Original article by Jim Duffy.
Read the full story here.

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