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IT Security Still a Struggle for Small Businesses

By Vigilize | Monday, November 25, 2013 - Leave a Comment

An article review.

Small businesses continue to face obstacles in implementing information security.

A new survey was recently released showing some interesting trends involving IT security and small businesses. From the numbers, it appears that it is not only the shortage of manpower, funds, and time which prevents a serious investment in information security by smaller organizations. It is also the issue of convincing management of the importance of such security measures.

  • The poll, by Sophos Ltd. And Ponemon Institute, included 2,000 employees working in IT security.
  • 58% felt their managers didn’t foresee the risks posed by cyber attacks
  • 44% haven’t made strong security a high priority
  • 42% claim the budget won’t support strong security
  • 33% said they don’t have the necessary expertise available to them to implement said security
  • 32% named the CIO as final word on IT security while 31% claimed no one was in charge of that decision

You can view more statistics from this poll here.

On the question of whether or not the respondents’ organization had become a victim of a cyber-attack:

  • 42% said yes,
  • 26% said no, and
  • 33% said they were unsure.

On whether or not their organization had lost sensitive information due to a breach:

  • 51% said yes.

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The above is what we call an “Article Review.”  It is part of our attempt to help our readers find excellent reading materials to back up important technology risk management concepts.  We try not to include articles that are merely news or additional news about mainstream issues.  Instead, we try to highlight articles that our “typical clients” should be sure to read, or that are about concepts “outside the mainstream media.”  infotex does not intend to endorse views represented by the writers of the articles we review; in fact sometimes we post views that we do not agree with (though we are careful to announce our disagreement).

Nor do we try to keep our Clients aware of EVERYTHING.  For example, if a particular story concept is being reported upon in many different media sources, infotex usually chooses to ignore the story concept altogether, unless we can find a “unique take” on the story concept.  In other words, we are trying to help you sort through the noise, rather than adding more of the same chatter to your inbox.  We value your feedback if we miss on this!

Original article by Candice So.
Read the full story here.





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