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A newly released study highlights the rising costs associated with preventing and responding to malware threats. The study was based on a survey of “630 IT and IT security practitioners in the U.S. who are familiar with their organization’s practices for containing malware infections.”

The study is quick to point out the enormity of our malware woes. According to the study, the average malware alert volume is nearly 17,000 per week. Of those alerts, more than 3,000 are assumed to be reliable threats. What’s staggering is that less than a quarter of those reliable threats are actually investigated.

This article from speculates that “part of the problem is a lack of skilled IT staff to identify threats.” Additionally, the study attributes false positives and false negatives as a large part of the problem.

What may be most alarming from the study is that “forty percent of survey respondents indicated that no one person or function is accountable for the containment of malware.”

Thankfully, infotex’s Network Monitoring Services Clients are not accustomed to this paradigm. infotex staffs a Network Operations Center 24x7x365, where our Security Analysts do nothing but watch networks, investigating and responding to threats and anything out of the ordinary in real time.

Sometimes there is more to the story than just compliance. There’s also peace of mind. Learn more about our Network Monitoring Services here.

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Original article by Robert Westervelt of You can also download the original study from Ponemon Institute.


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