Legacy Devices Pose A Security Risk

Devices like fax machines and copiers are often classified as office supplies and slip past IT scrutiny…

An article review.


Despite all the advances in technology, most offices still generate large volumes of printed documents, and the devices used to produce and process those documents could expose you to more risk than you’d think. A recent article highlights this risk, specifically when it comes to health care institutions and fax machines.

According to the article, the issue lies in the fact that fax machines, copiers and other office equipment are now practically computers in their own right…complete with hard drives, which are used to store copies of all the documents they’ve produced. To make matters worse, devices like fax machines and copiers are often classified as office supplies and not IT assets, placing them under the authority of another department which may not treat them like the sensitive devices they are. Often, office equipment is leased and can be returned for use by another customer without being sanitized.

So while we continue to wait for the “paperless office” promised in the 80’s, remember that computers can take many forms…and there may be more of them in your office than you think.

Original article by Jessica Davis writing for Health IT Security.



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