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History (and Future) of the infotex Website

By Bryan Bonnell | Thursday, March 2, 2023 - Leave a Comment

Times they are a-changin’ . . .

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The infotex website is being updated.

You read that right! We are in the process of updating our website from the circa 2013 version we have had for far too long. As the Digital Media Manager for infotex this excites me greatly and I look forward to the updates that will be coming later this year, but it has also had me looking back. Sometime in the recent past Dan asked us to try to find some of the old original posts that we lost in the last update to bring back and release today to just show that infotex has been walking the walk of Cybersecurity for two decades. After searching high and low on multiple Wayback machine-like searches we were never able to find any. There were captures of our website, but none of the links worked, but then our newly minted EVP, Michael Hartke found a third-party article that hearkens back to when the Bleeding Snort website was new and name drops infotex. You can read a little more about that on our history page noted in the the 2004 section. It was a trip looking back to these… especially the capture of the website as that is exactly what I remember from when I first started working for infotex in 2009.

Look for more updates on the “website revolution” in the near future that will make a few changes to a couple of our offerings, but also a fantastic new website to meet our Clients where they are in their Cybersecurity journey!

Original post by Bryan Bonnell. Digital Media Manager, infotex



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