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Enterprise Risk Management

By Vigilize | Friday, January 1, 2010 - Leave a Comment


(IT Best Practices + IT Regulation) + Automation = TRAC

Welcome to the future of Banking!

Originally developed as an IT Risk Assessment Tool, TRAC has evolved into a full-fledged Information Security Software Suite! Say goodbye to the era of working long days on tedious projects, studying regulation, and walking down an unguided path! With TRAC, a bank can easily conduct numerous tasks, and produce customized results that align with regulation, best practice, and, of course, your institutions’ strategic goals!

Here are a few quick high-points:

  • Automated IT Risk Management: Create a valuable Risk Assessment in a fraction of the time.
  • Policy Creation: It’s the 21st century, why would you start from scratch?
  • Policy Management: Ever forgotten to update a policy? Never again!
  • Recommendation Tracking: No more excuses to not shine during your next exam!
  • Business Continuity Plan Creation: Quick, thorough, and manageable; need we say more?
  • BSA Risk Management: Determine the risk of your services, same time and money.
  • Third Party Management: Ask all the right questions, tailored to the vendor.
  • Commercial Account Risk: Risk Assess and educate your accounts, prove to your customers you care!






Why We Endorse TRAC

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