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DDoS Attack Ferocity Continues to Increase with Help From Super Botnets

By Vigilize | Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - Leave a Comment

Experts say attacks could peak at over 200 Gbps by the end of June.

The magnitude and frequency of DDoS attacks on websites have increased by eight-fold in the last three months. The average bandwidth used in these attacks has skyrocketed up to 48.25 gigabits per second and has been reported to have peaked as high as 130 Gbps. Compared to reports from this time last year, the average attack was only 6.1 Gbps. The length of the attacks has also increased from 28.5 hours last year to 34.5 hours during the first quarter of this year. Experts expect future peaks this year to exceed 200 Gbps by the end of June.

New techniques combined with an increasingly more sophisticated network of servers at the disposal of attacker groups is believed to be the cause of the increased ferocity. Attacks on specific server software such as the recent attacks on WordPress sites are allowing new recruits to be acquired to create never-before-seen botnets.

Original article by Dan Goodin.
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