Cyb3rP0e+ 2023

Our 2023 CyberPoet Recipient

Nothing other than Vigilize!
Another one of those Dan’s New Leaf Posts, meant to inspire thought about IT Governance . . . .

“I can have that for you yesterday.”

– Matt Jolley, Vigilize, 2023 Cyb3rP0e+ Recipient

Press Release:  infotex, a managed security service provider based in Lafayette, Indiana, announced today that Matt Jolley, the person who has been writing as Vigilize since 2017, has been awarded the 2nd Cyb3rP0e+ award.

“The award is a new designation at infotex,’ says Michael Hartke, Executive Vice President.  “It’s designed to encourage those who help us create the awareness content we try to produce on a regular basis for our Clients.”

“It’s not easy to muster up the content we continually provide to our Clients,” says Dan Hadaway, original recipient of the first CyberPoet award.  “I always joked that I was a CyberPoet,” Hadaway added, “using metaphors analogies and similes in my content.  We want to encourage that going forward.”

What does one get when named the Cyb3rP0e+ in 2023?

  • $3000 cash
  • Special parking at the Fifth Fold (where we hold infotex team events)
  • Choice of two AI writing tools
  • A limousine ride with Stacey Hadaway to the 2024 Policy Awareness Conference.
  • Use of the Cyb3rP0e+ insignia from 07/01/23 through 06/30/2024.
  • Use of Dan’s Wizard Gown whenever appropriate (pending advance approval)
  • Two votes (of five) in selecting the 2024 Cyb3rP0e+ Award recipient.

“I like that the next recipient is selected primarily by the last recipient,” says Hartke.  “Seems it will queue up a mentoring relationship.”

“And what I like about the concept of poet,” Dan Hadaway added, “is that poets speak as well as write.  I can see this going to speakers in the future, though this year we focused on writing.”

This year’s recipient, Matt Jolley, has written more articles than any other infotex employee in the last five years.  He has been handling all of our article reviews, as Vigilize, since 2017.  Matt joined infotex in 2015 as a NOC Associate, later adding technical auditing and work on infotex’s own systems to his NOC watching duties. Matt has been “Vigilize” . . . . our primary article reviewer . . . . since January 2016. Writing about technology is nothing new for Matt: he started his career as a freelance contributor to Maximum PC magazine at the age of 14.

Matt became a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) in 2020.

Matt lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where he grew up and enjoys spending long nights in front of the PC, photography and hunting for interesting consumer electronics at local thrift stores.



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