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Customer Awareness Kit

By Vigilize | Saturday, June 9, 2012 - Leave a Comment

Security Awareness Training has always been an important component of your IT Governance Program and now, thanks to the FFIEC’s 2011 Supplement to the 2005 Authentication Guidance, you can take it to a whole new level with our Customer Awareness Kit!

As a whole, our kit provides guidance on customer awareness training.  This is accomplished by starting where the FFIEC wants us to start—with a strategy for educating our customers—and then ending with real-world pamphlets, checklists, flyers, and games that we can use to bring our customers up to speed.   The strategy addresses both commercial and retail customers, and hits the high-risk transactions related to electronic banking:  billpay, ach origination, wire transfer, smart ATMs, etc.

Security Awareness Training

Everything you need to write and implement your strategy to respond to the FFIEC’s June 2011 Supplement to the 2005 Authentication Guidance!

The kit allows you to consider important decisions related to your organization’s posture towards customer awareness training.  Whether you decide to provide training directly to high risk customers in one-on-one sessions, or whether you decide to simply make flyers available in your lobby and rely heavily on your social media presence, this kit will not only help document your decisions, but it will lead you through the decision-making process.

All templates are color-coded.  And don’t forget, updates are free for three years and our boilerplates all come with a 30 Day Guarantee!


Save $275 when you purchase the entire kit!

Now only $200.00


The following are the actual documents themselves:

  • Customer Awareness Strategy:  In the FFIEC’s June 2011 Supplement to the 2005 Authentication Guidance, the FFIEC is clear about the need to conduct targeted awareness training, based on risk, to bank customers.  This document will help your e-banking team make decisions as to how to provide that training.  Only $145 individually, or purchase as part of the Customer Awareness Kit for $395!
  • Consumer Awareness Training Flyer:  This re-brandable flyer template allows you to present information to your consumers on how they can better protect themselves on-line.  You can re-brand it as a flyer that you hand out in the bank, or you can use portions of it for posts on your social media sites (and even in your marketing web presence).  It includes a fun word-game (with an answer sheet for the bank)!  Only $95 individually, or purchase as part of the Customer Awareness Kit for $395!
  • Identity Theft Prevention Flyer:  This re-brandable flyer template is intended to aid your customer training, but also makes an excellent flyer to deliver to customers during a disclosure incident.  It is focused more on identity theft and prevention than on-line safety.  Only $95 individually, or purchase as part of the Customer Awareness Kit for $395!
  • Mobile Banking Tips and Trends:  This re-brandable flyer template focuses in on your customers’ use of smart phones and mobile banking, and makes great fodder for your social media presence as well!.  Only $95 individually, or purchase as part of the Customer Awareness Kit for $395!
  • Commercial Customer Awareness Training Flyer:  This re-brandable flyer template makes a GREAT agenda for your one-on-one training with your commercial customers.  It has tear-out pages for ACH, Wire Transfer, Business Billpay, and other high-risk transactions.  Only $145 individually, or purchase as part of the Customer Awareness Kit for $395!
  • Public Presence Content Checklist:  An audit checklist we use when we perform an Internet Banking Controls audit.  Definitely makes a great tool to ensure that you are properly addressing your public presence.  Only $95 individually, or purchase as part of the Customer Awareness Kit for $395!
  • Commercial Customer Awareness Training Checklist:  This checklist not only serves as an agenda for a one-on-one meeting with your high-risk commercial customers, but it also goes so far as to allow the ISO (or other appropriate individual) to “risk-rank” deficiencies. Makes a great training tool! Only $145 individually, or purchase as part of the Customer Awareness Kit for $395!
  • List of Controls:   The FFIEC supplement is clear: you must provide a list of controls (or resources as to where to learn about controls) to your high-risk customers. This re-brandable document allows you to meet that requirement while helping your customers! Only $145 individually, or purchase as part of the Customer Awareness Kit for $395!


Save $275!!

Now only $200.00


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