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The 13 Unlucky Stats Tell the Story!

The Indiana Bankers’ Association Conference is once again a hit!
Another one of those Dan’s New Leaf Posts, meant to inspire thought about IT Governance . . . .

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Well, the IBA’s IT Security and Risk Management Conference is over!  The dust has settled.  I’ve found my notes, and I’d just like to share some of the more interesting statistics I wrote down during the many EXCELLENT talks.  I did not track where the statistics were coming from, so let’s just credit them to the conference.

First, by way of summary, let’s start out with what I think is the best quote from the conference:

“While the federal government has put your Board of Directors in charge of Information Security, they’ve also put the information security people in charge of customer education.”

– Dan Hadaway

Okay, I know, I know, I’m quoting myself.  But this way I don’t get in trouble for misquoting anybody and as far as I’m concerned, what I said above summarizes the major takeaways from the conference, and both takeaways were delivered on morning one, and then reinforced throughout the conference.

So enough with the quotes, here are the statistics:

  1. 40% of Americans have received breach notices.  This is up from 10% two years ago.
  2. 51% of banks have seen the number of security incidents in their institutions increase over the past year, while 27% feel they have stayed the same.
  3. 50% of bankers believe that a lack of customer education causes security breaches.
  4. 6% of those same bankers felt their own customer education program was “superior.”
  5. 97% of mobile fraud is on Android devices.
  6. 20% of people don’t know the answers to their own challenge questions.
  7. 31% of breaches result from weak passwords.
  8. 66% of consumers think their bank is in charge of their security.
  9. 60% of world wide breach victims are American citizens.
  10. Exploit of 20% of known vulnerabilities would allow complete control of a system (root access)
  11. We’re only using 10% of our “information security capabilities” on average.
  12. 69% of people in banks “misuse the system” daily.  17% never.
  13. 94% of incidents are reported at “exfiltration.”  In other words, we are not aware of incidents until AFTER the damage is done.

If I were to re-write that last statistic, I would rewrite it like this:

  • 6% of incidents occur on institutions with a well-established, mature Incident Management Process.

Original article by Dan Hadaway CRISC CISA CISM. Founder and Managing Partner, infotex

“Dan’s New Leaf” is a “fun blog to inspire thought in the area of IT Governance.”




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