Cloud Priorities 2015

A good question . . .

But my answer might not be broad enough!
Another one of those Dan’s New Leaf Posts, meant to inspire thought about IT Governance . . . .


The Cloud Computing Association (CCA) is “reaching out” to persons asking their “Top Three Cloud Priorities.”  I found that interesting.  The e-mail, which looks like a broadcast message, ended up bullet pointing what my cloud priorities COULD be as follows:

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Business Development, Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • HR Management
  • Imaging and BIG DATA Management
  • Logistics & Distribution Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • Network Security Management
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Storage Solutions
  • Supply-chain/Inventory Management
  • Tax, Accounting and Financial Management
  • The Internet of Things (IoT): Managing Multiple Solutions in the Cloud
  • Others?  If your top 3 priorities are not on this list, please tell me what they are.

Here’s my top three cloud priorities:

  1. Cut back on what’s using “the cloud” on my home network.  I don’t have a lot of bandwidth, and the “internet of things” is starting to slow me down as the thirteen devices I have update patches, auto-play movies on Facebook, etc.
  2. Make sure everybody in the world knows that when you engage with a free service on-line (a cloud service), you are engaging with a third party and thus your Information Security Officer needs to look into it a bit.
  3. Warn users everywhere that when they get a new computer nowadays, it’s configured to ship data to cloud storage places by default, and if that data is owned by your company . . . . . or confidential to you . . . . . you might want to look into what’s actually happening.

Original article by Dan Hadaway CRISC CISA CISM. Founder and Managing Partner, infotex

“Dan’s New Leaf” is a “fun blog to inspire thought in the area of IT Governance.”




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