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Awareness Training Program Kit

By Dan Hadaway | Saturday, March 10, 2012 - Leave a Comment

9/11’s of the battle is Awareness.

The best firewall won’t stop an administrator from using “firewall” as its password.

The best hardware-encrypted flash drive won’t stop a user from sending the password in the same envelope as the drive.

Developing a solid awareness training program is the key to truly securing information in your enterprise.  The Awareness Training Program Kit for Banks has everything you need to totally revamp your awareness training process:  an Acceptable Use Policy (and audit checklist), customer awareness strategies, user comprehension exercises, links to fun awareness pages on the internet.

All templates are color-codedupdates are free for three years and our boilerplates all come with a 30-day guarantee!


Save $1415 when you purchase the entire Awareness Training Program Kit!

Now only $280



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