Third Party Patch Management

Vulnerabilities come in all shapes and sizes and while operating system patch management has largely been simplified with tools like WSUS, there is still a high degree of risk due to many popular third party applications and the lack of any centralized patching mechanism for maintaining those installations.  Vendors such as Adobe and Mozilla regularly release updates for their software packages, but managing those updates has been an arduous task for many system administrators.  Until recently, the only centralized option was to create your own MSI packages and deploy them via group policy or SCCM.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Hotfix

Microsoft has released a hotfix for PowerPoint 2003 that addresses a file corruption issue when presentations are edited with newer versions of the software.  When you open presentations that contain layouts with background images in PowerPoint 2003, an error may occur. When the error occurs, you receive a message that states that some contents (text, […]

Hello World!

As you have probably already noticed, we have updated our security portal recently with a few changes. This is the initial release of our long vaunted Portal 2.0 project. This new content management system will be the base upon which we migrate and build components from our old site.

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Internet Tools

This will be a place to share internet tools such as reference pages and other sites with useful functionality.

Content Management

We’ve run across a few Content Management Applications. Here they are!

Cracker Software

The best way to increase password strength is to provide feedback on your network passwords. Here are tools that can help!

Network Scanning Tools

There are a lot of open source and propriety network scanning tools available. This is a list of what we believe to be the best.