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Are You the Weakest Link?

By Vigilize | Thursday, October 14, 2010 - Leave a Comment

I just got off the phone with Dan after he spent the last couple of days at the Indiana Bankers Association’s IT Security Conference. He said it went great! Lots of good information and wonderful speakers. Long story short: I’m a multi-tasker. So, while discussing the conference, I needed something to do to fill that multi-tasking gap (I couldn’t work on the IT Audit report and listen to him at the same time). This is what I did instead…

    I made a poster!

One of Dan’s sessions at the conference pertained to Ongoing Awareness. I had sent Dan to the conference with some posters that we had found. Posters are a great way to remind employees about certain awareness issues. You may have received one of those. But, if you need something more, here’s my first attempt at adding “awareness poster designer” to my “Bartholomew Cubbins” hat.

Here it is (listen for the drum roll)…… Are you the weakest link?

Feel free to print it off, pass it around, grab the sticky tack and hang it on the wall, or just put it in a frame (I’ll autograph it the next time I see you).

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