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Anonymous Announces Hacking Campaign

By Vigilize | Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - Leave a Comment

An article review.

Hacking group announces 30-day plan to attack major banks around the world


The website for the Bank of Greece went down recently, the first in a series of planned attacked announced by hacking group Anonymous.

While the Bank of Greece attack lasted only a few minutes it was enough to case alarm, especially when considered along with the YouTube video posted shortly after the attack.

The video was made in the group’s typical style, with only vague rationale given for the attacks, which included allegations of there being a “global banking cartel.” The threats made were as vague as the reasoning, with no specific targets named.

Despite the lack of focus presented by the video, large financial institutions across the globe are likely double-checking their security measures.

Original article by Don Reisinger of Fortune.



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