$3.3 Million Skimming Scam Draws Attention from the Secret Service

ATMs around the U.S. were used to skim information from over 200 customers.

In Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, as many as 200 customers have become victims of an ATM machine hacking scheme. Sauk County officials believe it is the work of 39-year-old Mihai Vasile Bandura. The Romania native is believed to have “skimmed” a total of $3.3 million from debit card users from around the United States. Bank of Prairie du Sac reported in November that their customers were reporting possible fraudulent charges on their accounts from ATMs in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Racine.

A warrant is now out for Bandura’s arrest, and the case has even drawn the attention of the Secret Service. However, details on the case are limited for now as it is an ongoing investigation.

The Secret Service has information about “skimming” and other ways thieves can hijack your credit or debit card. ATM machines or gas pump card readers can be used by thieves who add skimming devices to the front or inside of the machine, allowing them to capture transaction information directly from the card. They may also install hidden cameras to record personal identification numbers. The Secret Service advises card holders to be cautious where they swipe their card and make sure they conceal PIN numbers when they enter them into a public machine.

Original article by Tim Damos.
Read the full story here.

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